Metal Ridge Cap for a Pizza Oven

Dino Ciccone
Folks, I am trying to find a local place in RI, MA even NH. That may have the ability to purchase a metal ridge roof cap that has an angle of roughly 120 degrees and about 6 in on both sides. I need it to cover the ridge line of a slate roof I put on a Pizza Oven. I found places in NY and PA but none online in New England any pointers would be good looking for some good galvanized or something better than Aluminum. Copper is nice but a little expensive. I need roughly two pieces one piece is roughly 7 ft long and the second piece is roughly 2 ft long. So a good 10 ft long piece would work. Any local sheet metal fabricators out there that doe this sort of work in New England I can call or talk too? Thanks Dino
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