Tim Lytle
This is not a roofing question, but don't know of any other forum to ask this question. I have a deck on the front of my house and a roof overhang over the deck that are supported by a enclosed steel beam (1/4" steel which is 14" high, 4" wide and 25' long). I discoverd that water was collecting inside the beam and have since drilled two drain holes in the beam to keep water from accumulating. The general thinking is that the fasteners which attach a nailer to the top of the beam have rusted and are allowing water to enter the beam. But I am wondering if condensation may be the culprit. I am looking for a comment as to whether condensation could be the source of the problem. Thank you.
Eric Novotny
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Soak the roof with a hose at the locations you suspect and see if you can generate the condition of the leak. If you cannot, it is very likely that the condensation and migration of humidity are the culprits.
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