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I currently have a shingle roofed one story house in full sun. I am NOT on the coast, about 8 miles from the GA line. I have two different metal roofing quotes. First Quote-24 guage galvalume w/ a kynar 500 painted finish, metal standing seam roof system with 1.5" risers, 1" expanded polystyrene foam insulation underlayment, concealed fasteners, boots and vented ridge. This quote is double the cost of a shingle roof. Second Quote-26 guage Versa-Lock metal roof system over titanium underlayment. There is no polystyrene insulation. This quote is only about 25% higher than the shingle roof. My questions-- How much does the guage of metal matter? Is 26 guage (a lighter metal) inadequate? Also, how important is the poly insulation? Should I definitely get it or just add additional attic insulation? I appreciate any help you can give me!! Thanks Teresa
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Moving the insulation layer to the roof deck does not make sense if the insulation layer is is currently your attic floor. If there isn't enough depth in the attic to properly insulate, that would be one reason to include the roof deck insulation. In terms of the products, 26 to 24 gauge is not a deal breaker in my opinion but that is not the only differentiator in this case. Have you seen work examples of each?
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Teresa , We are a metal roofing mfg.& supplier here in Florida and Georgia. You can go with a 26 ga. roof system. You can even go with 29 ga in most cases near the state line. We would love to give you a quote and also recommend a installer in your area. You can email any question to [email protected] Thanks and have a great day.
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