Installing a Vented Ridge Cap for Tin Roof

Guest User
We recently redid the our roof with tin. We purchased vented ridge cap for the roof. It only came in 10 foot lenghths so we had to have three different sections of it. There was no instruction of how to join the three pieces together so that they are waterproof. We called the manufacturer of the product and they said you just cut the pieces flush and butt them up agains each other. We did this but the finished result looks awful and I don't see how this is waterproof. Does anyone have any suggestions? We are not able to overlap the pieces. The solution for now has been to fashion our own cap and fit it over the joints. Again there must be some way to properly install these.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
In the case you have, I think a miter cap on top would be best ... use lots of good sealant between it and the main pieces and attachwith rivets ro screws, sealing those as well.
Guest User
Simply overlap the joints several inches. The slope will not allow moisture to permeate the joint. If gluing the overlap makes you happy, then do that. A stitch screw on either side keeps the wind from rattling the metal.
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