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I am currently most of the way through a re-roof using .040 aluminum standing seam. This is a once in a lifetime investment for me. Almost 8000 sg ft in total due to the roof slope and large overhangs. About 1/2 the house is 3x6 T&G supported by 14" deep laminated beams on 9' centers, the span is 35' total, roughly a 4:1 slope. The existing cedar shingles were removed and 3" of Iso were added. On top of this is 5/8 ply, 30lb, peel&stick and then a fire/ice underlayment. (Why they call it ice in FL is beyond me). I went with all the options. This is a 1 story house, and with the slope and large overhangs the sight line is almost looking right up the panels, the worst possible angle as far as seeing any irregularity in the roof. Now that a good amount of the metal is actually on I am not sure if what I see is good or bad. There is a clear telegraphing of the seams in the peel & stick/felt. I have looked around and don’t see this on other houses in the area, but they are much taller and the viewing angle is not as brutal. I will admit that in general I am pretty picky. If this is normal /acceptable then so be it, I will live with it. But I have nothing to compare it too. I have some pictures, and as soon as I can remember where I put my camera I'll add them. I would love to have some opinions. Thanks, MB
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Feel free to email photos to me at [email protected]
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