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I have read a lot of the installition questions,however I have not found one that answers my question. How do I make sure I lay the metal straight. I have built a frame for an open porch roof that is 16ft out from the house and 15ft wide. I have 2x6 rafters and 2x4 perlins. I started by measureing in from the right side 1" on all the 2x4's an when I put the second sheet on it was not square. How do I make sure it is straight, I only have 5 sheets to put up but I am already 1/4" off. I do not have but 2 screws in the first sheet to hold it in place.
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Not sure if it is possible with your sheeting but almost all sheeting here in Australia we are able to stretch the sheet a little on one end to get it to run parallel to the edge/barge at least 5mm per sheet. To do this put your screws in at the overlap and then kick the sheet out at the end where it is shortest to the intended finish. Do this while standing on the sheet so it does not return back. The quickly put a screw in and do a check measure. You can divide the 1/4" over the 5 sheets which should return you to parallel very easily. hope this helps mick
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Use a 3 4 5 method measure up the gable 3 feet across the gutter edge 4 feet and if it is square the measurement going from one to the other like a triangle will equal 5 feet
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