Randy Wilson
Net Zero with a metal roof
Is there a system for mounting Hot Water and or PV to a metal roof that will not compromise the the metal roof? I have checked your installation posts and so far the answer is select a metal roof and work with the manufacturer / installer. No general purpose system to mount evacuated tube and or flat plate DHW systems.
Guest User
I mainly deal with stone coated steel, but all the solar guys that i have been dealing with use Fastjack. I just remove the area of roofing where the solar is going, they set there standoffs (fastjack) then repaper. Just roof around the new flashing on the fastjack like you would a regular vent pipe. It cant hurt to install a flashing in the new paper your laying down aswell as incoorperating one into the metal roof. Better to go the extra mile than have to deal with a leak thats going to be hard to get to at best under PV system. http://www.heliopower.com/pk/documents/PS_FASTJACK_install.pdf
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
S5! Mounting Clips may work well.
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