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I bought a house with a metal roof (I don't know what kind it is.) The idea of having snow slide off easily is great, however, my house is built such that the snow slides off right into my driveway, creating more problems with snow removal. I've seen some homes with metal structures on the roof over their doors, which I assume is to prevent snow from sliding off there. Are these a valid option for my roof? How do I find someone who'd put these on my roof, if so? I've contacted several local roofers and no one will even consider the project. Thanks
mick capper
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I can only think the reason is that these metal structures over the doors would need to be evaluated by a structural engineer. Here in Australia we have building consultants that would be able to at least point you in the correct direction to contact someone who would do this kind of work. Maybe approach a building association with your inquiries. hope this helps mick
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
Check this link. This company can supply you with a good product and may be able to get you a contractor name in your area.
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