Metal Roof Vent Allows Debris Inside Pole Barn

chris lindquist
Hello, Experts - My 30x40 pole barn has a metal roof with a vented peak. The problem is that outside debris enters through the vented peak and makes a mess on my vehicles and projects. What can I do to keep the venitlation, but stop the debris from entering? I thought of nylon screening, but the trusses make this difficult. Is there a product on the market for such situations? Thanks, Chris
Ken Buchinger
NCI Building Systems, Inc.
There are several different vented ridge details that incorporate material to filter out debris. These are designed to install under the ridge flashing from the top of the roof. I don't know what type of roof panel you have but a product called ProfileVent may be available for your roof panel profile. It would involve removing the ridge flash, installing the vent material and then in reinstalling the ridge flash. Depending on how your ridge flashing is shaped, you may need new ridge flashing with an offet in it to allow the air inside the barn to vent.
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