Nick Moore
Suggestions on the following : Current Roof - R-Panel, est. 300-400 squares Some type of spray was applied a while back with about a 1/8" thickness (pretty tough stuff) but of course now over time it has started cracking and peeling and the old leaks are coming back. One suggestion was to use Roof Hugger and install 26 GA Standing Seam but the architect said the weight was an issue and that wasn't an option. The installer believes that the best solution is to install a wider, taller ribbed r-panel directly over top of the existing one. Of course that presents an array of obstacles and I wouldn't recommend that. The reason for no tear off is because with the tough spray junk that's on it now, estimated time would be 1 month.... Any suggestions???
mick capper
metal roofing software
Not knowing what the structural elements of the roof frame are... You could install roof battens on top of the existing metal sheeting providing the battens are fixed to the actual roof frame and not just the existing roof sheeting but i would be removing and replacing. regards mick
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