jig patel
I am looking to put a new metal roof on my motel. It has approx. 412 sq. ft of roof coverage. Currently I have shingle roof and it is leaking in various spots. I don't know too much about roofing so I don't know what kind of shingles I have. Which kind of metal should I put on it? What is the minimum gauge, recommended gauge I should use for the new metal? Please help and thank you in advance.
mick capper
metal roofing software
Hi, I suggest you get a couple of quotes from reputable roofing companies. They will quote on the appropriate gauge and profile sheeting required for your roof design.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
If you'd like to send me a picture of your hotel I may have some specific recommendations. My email is [email protected]
Guest User
I have a two-car garage with many holes in the existing shingle roof. The garage is constructed out of cinder blocks. I am thinking about going with a new metal roof instead of shingles. What type of structure do you need to support a metal roof? The current roof has a pitch, can a metal roof be flat?
Eric Novotny
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Most metal roofs can be applied (with proper slip layer) directly over top a shingle roof. Metal roofs are considerably less heavy than shingles so there is no need for added structure. Metal roofs can be made to work on flat roofs.
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