where to get recourse on manufacturer who passes the buck

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I recently purchased a metal roof. In less than a year it is rusting due to metal filings left on the roof and wont honor their warranty. The manufacturer is saying that this of course is due to the installer not cleaning the roof properly after installation -not true, we watched them wash the roof. Other than a lawyer, what recourse do I have to get the manufacturer to at least respond to me? They have told the installer, who has been great with trying to help us, that they will speak only to the home owner now. However, they refuse to return any of our phone calls etc. Any ideas appreciated. Btw, this manufacturer was suggested on this website, should I mention the name?? If you would like to reply privatel,, Sue Pawley [email protected]
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The left over metal filings are from the installation of your roof, your issue lies with the installation contractor and not with the manufacturer. We had the same issue after we installed a standing seam roof, our crew didn't clean the roof off properly and rust delevoped. We had to fix it because it was our fault. Alec
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