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have a metal valley gutter between two buildings. one side of gutter is taller than the other to accomodate the building that was added on. the gutter is 120' long and one side is 12" high and the other is 4" high. the short side is along the old original building and when it rains this is where the leaks occur. we have patched some rusted areas but we are getting leaks in some areas where it is not rusted or compromised. any suggestions
mick capper
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It sounds to me like you should be replacing the entire gutter. Water could be leaking at a rusted spot in the gutter and running along a roof member and then leaking at a what appears to be a perfectly good part of the gutter. If you do decide to replace be sure to allow enough material to run up under the old roof to prevent the new gutter from overflowing on the 4" high side. hope this helps Mick
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