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I installed a new metal roof and gutters last year. With last winter's heavy snow fall with thawing during the day and refreezing at night, the roof had a heavy ice build up just above the gutters. Eventually, over 1/2 of my gutters were ripped off of the house and the other 1/2 was damaged due to the ice. I am replacing them myself, but I don't want this to become an annual event. What options can eliminate this issue? Gutter covers, ice clips, or some type of gutter heating method to reduce ice build up? Please provide your opinion. Thank you!
Eric Novotny
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Gutter covers and snow slider will help in two ways by allowing the ice/snow to skip off the gutter and holding the large load on the roof to prevent it from sliding off altogether. Heating wire is another solution but obviously requires power to generate the melting temperatures and will only work up to a certain point. None of the above situations have addressed the source of the melting and the actual creation of the problem. In above freezing conditions and in heavy direct sunlight, the snow load will begin to melt and with refreeze when the sun goes down and temperatures go down. These type of melting conditions are usually controlled and are either slow enough to not generate problems or fast enough to melt all the snow and not create the slides that tear off gutters. The unchecked melting that occurs in sub freezing temperatures that is a result of warm air/energy leaving the living space are the largest culprits when it comes to ice damning and big snow slides. Those situations need to be addressed by stopping the migration of warm air into the attic space and collecting on the underside of the roof deck. Any remodeler that understands energy or an energy auditor can help you turn your roof/attic into a 100% cold zone and largely eliminate the source of any of these slides.
Howie Scarboro
Snow guards or a SnoBar system would solve your problem. Checkout to see what you would need in snow guards and you can try for info on a bar system. The point is to hold the bulk of the snow/ice until it can melt or fall into smaller pieces.
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