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My son is installing a metal roof on a low slope porch roof over Grace Ice and Water Sheild. What tools are required for cutting and installing? Is a hacksaw sufficient for panel cuts around skylight flashing? Are there any other tools needed and any advice on how to's, what other components such as caulking, etc. might be needed would be greatly appreciated. The product is 26 gauge metal panels from Metal Sales Manufacturing, purchased through Home Depot. Any metal roofing Co.s in the north of Boston area that might send an installer out for a consultation? Thankyou very much! Lynda ( [email protected] )
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Our first recommendation is to contact the manufacturer and ask for specific instructrions for the panel you have chosen. With metal there are many styles and instalation requirements. A skylight is always a challengs but here goes. Start your roof sheet layout cntered on the Skylight if at all possible. You will need two sheets. First install the lower sheet cutting out ths opening and leaving enough metal (4") to bend up each side and bottom edge of the skylight.The sheet should extrend past the top of the lightby 12". Next install a flat sheet flashing across the top of the light 12 " up the roof, 4" up the light and at least 4 " past each side. Bed the flashing in a bead of butyl caulking where it intersects the lower sheet. Then install the upper sheet about 4 " short of the light and instal a closure strip under the leading edge. Depending on the profile you will need a quality pair of laft and right snips. Do not saw the edge as it will expose the steel core and start to rust. Good luck
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