Standing Seam Roof On A Ranch Home

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I am considering a standing seam 24-gauge Galvalume (16" panels) on a 4:12 pitch roof. This a ranch home, very simple without any fireplaces or valleys. One roofing expert suggested my installer use a clip ridge style and not a snap lock system to secure the panels to the roof. Can you explain the difference and pros and cons of each system? I saw an earlier post from 2006 ( )about using ice & water shield under the entire metal roof and not just the perimeter. I live in Northern Ohio so ice is a major concern. My understanding is that a metal roof, by its nature, is going to generate some condensation underneath, so a good vapor barrier is critical. I fail to see how adding ice and water shield under the entire roof would not be a positive.
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when my company installs metal on a home . first we install 2x4 24''o.c.anchor 3.5 inch screws into trusses install ridge vents covered w/screen,then cover entire home w/moisture barrier,then install metal using only zac screws. i hope this helps. to me this is the only way to install a metal roof.what are your thoughts. allen morris owner allen morris metal roofs middle georgia
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Allen's method is very good. If you live in a colder climate and want some added insulation and barrier against ice damning, here is a link to a great article on just what Allen is talking about. Point of note, ice damning is not as a result of the roof but actually as a result of heat and air loss from the living space. Show me a roof that ice damns and I will show you and attic that is poorly sealed and loosing energy.
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