flashing a standing seam roof agaist brick

Joseph Lehman
Our porch roof has a standing seem roof and butts against our 2 story brick house on 2 sides. The roof was installed 5 years ago and we thought it was just fine until the last storm when we discovered water comming down through the porch and even into a window under the porch. Upon inspecting the roof top-side I noticed a few questionable details and would like my fears confirmed or laid to rest. The flashing is tucked into the mortar joint and sealed with caulk, however, the flashing runs straight down to the roof surface and the standing seams are cut about a quarter of an inch away from the face of the vertical flashing so that the main flat of the roofing panel could be bent up under the flashing. This gap between the standing seams and the outer face of the flashing was then completely entombed in about a quarter tube of caulk each. these enormous lumps of caulk have now shrunk and pulled away from the flashing allowing water to enter the roof. I would assume that a properly installed standing seam roof would properly channel and shed water without caulk and that caulking would be at most a second line of defense not the primary one.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
The flashing should have come out and rested on top of the seams ... the flats still could have been folded up the wall but under the flashing.
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