I want a metal roof and know nothing about them as far as durability, cost, install. process.

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Can you tell me if the following specs conform to how a Sterling Roof System(ASC Building Products) roof should be installed and is the cost of $17000 on a 1800sqft. home a customary price? Re: Roof Replacement Specification N-B-4-M & ASC Standing Seam We hereby submit specifications and estimate for: 1. Tear off flat and tile roof to sheathing and haul away. 2. Install new metal pipe flashings and scupper drains. 3. Install one layer of #75 GAFGLAS Base sheet and nail with round head cap nails. 4. Install two layers of GAFGLAS Ply felt in hot asphalt. 5. Install GAFGLAS Cap sheet in hot asphalt. 6. Apply Apoc #248 white elastomeric coating over cap sheet. 7. Damaged wood extra,( $45.00 per 4x8 ½” plywood installed). 8. Install one layer of 30# felt paper over pitched roof area. 9. Install ASC Standing Seam Sterling Roof System (Color: ) 10. Install coping metal to match on all parapet walls. 11. Install roof to wall metal and counter flashing to match on front of house. 12. Cost of city permit included in contract amount. 13. 10 year labor guarantee against leaks. $17,100.00
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
We cannot discuss pricing details on this board due to anti trust guidelines. As far as the project specifications, the roofing manufacturer would be the one to review those. Thanks for planning to buy metal.
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