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18 months ago I had a metal roof installed over 2 layers of asphalt shingles on a 4:12 slope roof on a basic 25' wide house. When I bought the roof one of the selling points was that I did not have to remove shingles. However, I asked considerable questions about the weight and was assured it would not be a problem and also, because it was not structural, I would not need a permit. Now I am adding an addition and it is obvious that my roof has experienced considerable deflection. The roofing company - they are very reputable and only do metal roofing - says they've never heard of anything like this happening even though I sent them the report from the engineer I hired. His report said that the elimination of the excess weight and reinstall of the metal roof is the solution. Now they do not even answer my calls/letters. Obviously I have to deal with this issue legally, but I need to finish my house so I can return to occupancy. The current metal roof is exclusive to this company. If I can get their old roof removed, all the asphalt removed and reinstall their roof, will I be able to use a different metal roof for the addition? I doubt I can match the color, as that is a patented system they say, but will it compromise the integrity of the roof? If there is any additional argument I can use with the current company (I like my roof, it is the installation that has caused the problem) I would rather use all one system, but I am at my wits end and have to do something. Thank you!
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I am sure their roofing panels or coil stock is manufacturer by someone else. You need to figure out who the manufacturer is and go from there.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Generally speaking a metal roof adds less weight than the roof had when the last layer of shingles was installed before it lost granules and oils evaporated. Metal is a very low weight material. Unless the structure is very poorly constructed, a metal roof will not cause movement of the structure.
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