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50 yr. standing seam roof. Pressure-sprayed, re-painted 12 yrs. ago. Paint peeling, seams "caulked" for leaks where needed. Manufacturer unknown, paint type unknown. Would like to clean, prime, re-paint. Saw the advice for trisodium phosphate, Tide and H20. Primer?? Paint - Kynar paint? Thank you. Great site.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
You can do an internet search for air-dry Kynar and find sources. It would be the best way to go. The supplier will have a primer to recommend.
joel neal
Hi Todd, Gueation for ya. I've got enough boublewrap to cover my roof twice, I've also got enough insulatin in the form of logcabin chinking stuff to cover my roof once. I plan to remove the old shingles, keep the ols 1/2" insulation up there and then install the chinking stuff then the boublewrap twice right on top of each other, then the 1x4's, then my drip edges, metal and finally flashings and ridgecaps. The home is an Aframe 19/12, my wife insist on keeping the enterior roofwood showing as it is real nice looking old saw cut 1x8's with roughcut 2x6's, scary but 30 yrs. old and still perfect. Would you install these materials the same way I intend to?
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