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A gerald metal roof is being installed on my home as I post this question. I live at 1,000 elevation on a ridge. The pitch on my roof is 12/12 and it is a two story cape. It gets very windy, at least it seems windy to me, 50 plus winds at times. I decided on the metal roof because of the claimed protection from wind. The roof being installed is a gerald canyon shake which has a metal cap which lap each other about every 15 inches. I noticed that the contractor is using one #8 x 1 1/2 screw on one side of the cap but no fastener on the other side on the ridge. I questioned him about this and he informed me that the roof manual only calls for one screw on one side. I did not argue with him but called the technical dept in calif to discuss the issue. At first they said yes that is all the manual shows but put me on hold and checked with the engineering dept and then informed me have the contractor put a fastener on the opposite side. I informed the contractor but he still refused and informed me they just told me that to shut me up. I presented him with the toll free number and the extension and name of the factory rep and he refused to call. I do not want this new roof to have a problem the next time the winds are whipping. The contractor informed that I do not live in a high wind area and that 50 to 60 mph winds are not high winds. I feel angry and frustrated by the contractor stance but don't know what action to proceed with. Maybe I am wrong in expecting a screw on each side on the ridge cap. Any suggestion would be appreciated. thanks in advance jimbob
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