How to deal with perimeter nail base

Petr Glotov
Hi All, I'm in the process of installation of Klip-Rib roof system. The roof deck is T&G. I plan to install 6" of ISO on the top of the deck, then plywood, underlayment and metal panels. I am thinking what should I do with the perimeter. I need a strong perimeter as a nail base. I saw here that one solution is stacked 2x4's around perimeter, but in my case it would be 4 layers, which I don't think is an elegant structure - seems to be too massive with too many joints/seams. What are my alternatives here ? Thanks a lot. Petr
Petr Glotov
Another question: how many screws do I need to apply per plywood sheet ? I've heard in case of SIPs they apply 8 screws. Would it be enough for my case ?
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
2x8's ripped to the proper height when on end will give you the proper nailing edge.
Petr Glotov
Thanks, was glad to see I was going in the right direction :)
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