Attaching a patio cover to a metal roof

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I have a house with a metal roof and want to intall a translucent cover over my deck. It will be approximately 12 feet extending out 10 feet. My problem is that my soffets are too low to attach the framing for the cover either at the facia plate or under it. I really need to attach one end of the framing on the roof right above where the house walls attach to the roof. I have a metal roof which has about a half inch seam running down to the gutters and about 10 inches of flat metal between the seams. How can I attach the ledger board to a roof like this? This house is in the Puget Sound area with very little snow. Thanks so much, Terry
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You could make it free standing as in the attached sketch
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"You could make it free standing as in the attached sketch" +1 Your options are limited, the best method would be to remove the roofing, set some stand offs to attach the ledger board to. Flash the the stand offs in the roofing like you would a for a normal vent pipe. The problem is this involves removing the roofing and reinstalling it so its not really a DIY job. Alec
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