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I have an ABC Imperial rib metal roof and bought Dektite roof jacks for the waste pipe venting and bathroom fan venting. In the case of the bathroom fan venting, I've run into problems. I tried using aluminum exhaust pipe up through the Dektite and then put one of the caps that is used for hot water heating vents but I'm getting quite a bit of leaking and lots of wind noise and flapping in the bathrooms. We have some really "gully-buster" thunderstorms that come through the area that cause the caps inability to do the job. I used the aluminum pipe because I can't seem to get PVC Exhaust pipe in this area and galvanized metal pipe looks fairly crummy after a couple of years. I tried to figure a way to adapt one of the Braun Nutone roof vent caps that are made for shingled roofs since they have the nice flap to keep rain and wind out when not in use; however they are only made to work with the cheap flexible ducting which is not a viable option here in the north where insulating the pipe to prevent condensation in the attic is a must. It is also best to get it off the base of the roof by about two feet since the snow builds up once in awhile. Do you know of any vent cap that has an exhaust flap in it that can be put on top of the pipe? If not, then are there any type of space that I can use on roof ribbing so that I can use the one made for shingled roofs? Thanks!
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