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i have shingles is it a good idea to cover entire roof with 1 inch foam insultion tape the seams then 1 x 4 straping horizontal 24 inches on center on top of the foam secure with 3 1/2 inch nails then secure metal to straping. I am unable to access the attic to add insulation
Eric Novotny
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Best is to remove the shingles and apply the insulation. Insulation only works if it is in direct contact with what it is insulating. Laying it directly on the sheathing will allow for better and more complete contact with the insulation. I would also recommend going with 2" or 3" as it is not much more expensive than 1".
Carletta Worthy
I didn't realize your expertise is strickly metal roofs but allow me to ask my question in case you have a thought... I just attended a presentation about installing mylar insulation inside the attic of my home. I have a 2-story home about 4300 sf in southwest Ohio. It's 4 years old and my electric/gas bills are not extremely high (furnace is 95% efficient) but I could use some savings. The rep tells me that this is the same technology used in space and I could save 40% on my electric and gas bills including covering the water tank and they will throw in energy saving shower heads. I plan to stay here about 15 more years. Do you think it's worth the investment? I read online where it will take 25 years to recoup the investment. If this is the case, it's not worth the money. What advise can you provide?
Eric Novotny
An informed customer is the Best Customer!
Radiant barriers, which is what you are being pitched, are largely misused. The manner and applications in which they are pitched usually bunk. Radiant barriers have shown little to no statistical value in situations where people have insulation values of R-20 or better. Anyone claiming 40% savings are scam artists from the outset. Run, not walk, from that proposal. Get an energy audit and see where to go from there.
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