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I am curious if there are any specifications or code requirements that stipulate synthetic underlayments must/should be used in place of traditional felt paper under metal roof coverings. Can you elaborate on the topic? Everything I find on the subject recommends the synthetics, but there is nothing I can find in the IBC, UBC, etc. codes or specific state or individual county codes that spell out the need for synthetics for metal roofing. Ultimately we are curious of the cons when felt paper is used as the underlayment with metal roofing.
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You will not find anything in the IBC/UBC about sprayfoam around windows or other advanced building materials. The synthetics are much better in every measurable way. That can be used as a vapor retarder as well if need be. Why put a likely 50 year down and skimp on a relatively cheap upgrade like synthetic underlayment. I specify it as a means of worker safety, but would use it regardless because of its better performance characteristics.
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