Stainless Fastners for Gerald Canyon Shake Roof

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I am in the process of finalizing with a contractor to install a canyon shake gerald metal roof. I live in central Pennsylvania and was looking to have the contractor use a super screw which is stainless steel but does not have a rubber washer. The contractor wants to use a zinc coated screw with a colored top and a rubber washer. When he gave his estimate I informed him I wanted a stainless screw so it does not rust in the future and he agreed. Now he wants to change the fastener to the above and I sense it may have something to do with the cost of stainless vs. coated. Is there a stainless fastener that has a washer that Gerald would recommend? I want to have the best fastener for the shingles that will be least likely to leak and not rust. I look to you for some advice. I am hopeful that my home will bring the contractor new business for GeraldUSA. My second question is the best place on the roof to attach the battens. My old roof is being removed and a titanium underlayment will be installed. The roof is OSB and not quite 1 inch thick. The rafters are 24 in on center. Should the battens be fastened on the rafters or just fastened into the OSB deck boards in a random manner. Thank you in advance for helping me resolving my questions. I am excited about having a gerald canyon shake roof on my home but if I am going to the expense of buying a metal roof I don't want it to be compromised by the attachment procedure. Jim
Eric Novotny
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I would defer to whatever screw the manufacturer recommends.
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