Standing Seam: Painting & Snow Guards

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Hi, I'm entertaining the thought of putting standing seam metal roofing on small 9x14 porch roof. My 2 concerns/questions are... 1. The roof has a 2-12 pitch (should be steeper, I know). Are snowguards usually needed at this pitch with standing seam metal roofing? 2. I friend told me that standing seam roofing needs painted every so often (like every 20 years or so), is this true? 3. Is it even recommended to put standing seam roofing on a porch roof or is it a bad idea? A contractor told me I may want to think about doing it since regular old shingles are causing me problems because of the low 2-12 pitch. Appreciate the help, Chuck
Eric Novotny
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2:12 is right on the line for most metal manufacturers for a clip in lock. Get the roof mechanically seamed and it is a non issue. Newer finishes are holding up much longer now and it is entirely possible they roof could last 35-40 years before painting is required. No problem with Standing seam and it really sets the home and porch off from the rest of the home. You can probably get away without snow guards if you aren't worried about snow sliding on someone and at that size, the weight of the snow probably won't damage the gutters.
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