JA Zucker
We have a cabin with no attic (roof dimensions 12 x 50 feet). We removed trees because they were dropping branches onto the roof and this was not good. The roof is totally exposed to the hot sun and keeps that heat. However, now we can't cool the cabin and it can be 90 degrees at 10:00 at night...even with AC it only cools 5 degrees and that's running constantly. So, we have a big problem. The ceiling of the cabin is the beams of the roof. On top of the roof we have insulation board (¾ inch) and shingles, which isn't doing much good. We are planning to do the following and would like your advice: 1.Add 2 x 6 x 12 pieces of lumber in the same location as the ceiling support beams, which are separated by 24 inches 2.Adding 4 inches of insulation between the 2 x 6 pieces of lumber, leaving 2 inches of air space; there would be an open space at the soffit that will allow flow of air to the ridge cap. 3.Adding a new roof deck and light colored metal roof with a ridge cap Questions are as follows: 1.Any suggestions to the above? 2.Should we remove the shingles that are now on the roof? Do we have too? 3.What type of insulation would you recommend? Iso board—how thick ? 4.Is 4 inches the proper thickness for the insulation? Does it have to be that thick? 5.Do we need an air space? If yes, do we need 2 inches of air space or would you recommend more than 2 inches? 6.Can the metal roof go directly on the insulation (we have no condensation problems at this time)? 7.What type of metal roof would you recommend? Home Depot has CMS (Coastal Metal Service) roofing 8.Do we need a roof deck under the metal roof, or can we secure to the 2 x 6 pieces of lumber? 9.Will adding the above be too much weight for the present roof? Sorry for all of the questions, but the job will be expensive and we would like to do it right. Also, it is a cabin and not fancy, but nice to use when it isn't so hot. Thanks, Bob and Janet
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