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After "IKE" we had to replace our 20 year old metal roof, 1st quarter 2009, with a new metal roof. Since the roof replacement we noticed an increase in utility expense as well as an a/c that would run continuously and not cycle. We recently had a home efficiency person come out to check the attic insulation, window tinting, etc. and in the process learned that the roofing company did not install any ventilation at all, zero. The original roof only had one turbine vent, which was also not replaced. Does the standard construction of a metal roof (by todays standards)include ridge vents? The original roof did not have a ridge vent. We were never consulted by the roofing company, or the contractor on our options. We know they made a mistake by not at least replacing the turbine. I would like to know if a ridge vent is standard on a metal roof construction. Thank you,
Eric Novotny
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There is no real "standard" for attic ventilation as it pertains to metal roofs. Attic ventilation is a function of humidity exhaustion primarily and secondly to maintain consistent attic temperatures. In Texas, most of your humidity is coming from outside the home. The attic ventilation in this application would be aimed at keeping attic temperatures consistent with the exterior temps. Look for a passive form of ventilation as the powered attic fans usually cost more money in terms of their operation and sucking conditioned air out of the living space. If all your home "efficiency" person tipped you off to was that, get another person to look at the home that has some better credentials. If you are around Houston, I have a personal friend that is Resnet and BPI certified auditor.
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