Metal shingles over wooden shake shingles

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I live in an association community and the board has contracted to install new metal shingles on our houses. They are installing them over the existing wooden shake shingles. My questions about this are the following: 1. Is this the recommended way to install a new metal roof or just the 'cheapest" 2. Does leaving the old shake shingles continue to contribute to our silver fish and brown recluse spider problems we currently have? 3. We have alot of freeze/thaw days with ice and snow in the winter. Would installing the metal shingles directly onto the plywood roof and not laid over the old shake shingles be any advantage in leaks from freezing and thawing ice and snow in winter? Thanks for taking time to look at these quesitons. I don't know the brand of metal shingles being used but I can find out if that makes a differenct. Hurst Coffman
Eric Novotny
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1. Cheapest 2. Should not make a difference although the void space will be much more livable in that case as opposed to going direct to the deck. 3. Yes to the extent that you could more easily install the ice/water membrane over plywood decking as opposed to old shingles.
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