Malena Jones
We have a black standing seam roof. Installation 2.5 years ago. It has significantly now gray, except for one piece on the entire roof which is still black, but shine is gone. The manufacturer offered to either replace the metal only (no labor) or pay us a minimal amount. They have been very vague as to why the roof discolored and the one piece did not. The one black piece left on the roof is very obvious. Why would this happen and who would I contact locally to determine what is wrong?
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
Do you know what sort of paint system was on the roof? It sounds a bit like panels with two different paint systems were mixed.
Guest User
No, I don't know which paint system was used...what kind are there? I was looking at some pictures of the house just after if was finished and the difference in the one panel is evident even then. (Never noticed it at installation.) That panel was more of a matte black, the rest a shiny black. Now it is the other way around...single black panel (that hasn't changed) and the rest turned gray. Is there some professional I could get to come to the house to determine what might be wrong with the roof?
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