Red Rosin only as underlayment

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I am roofing a 12x8 storage shed with dimensional shingles due to subdivision covenant. Anyway, it is my first go at it. When I went to the improvement place to buy shingles I looked at the felt paper rolls and saw that they were way more material than I needed. i also saw the red rosin. The associate seemed to think that using this instead of the felt paper would be fine for a shed. So I have attached just the red rosin and have installed most of the shingles on top of it. Have I made a mistake by not also using felt or will it probably be okay?
Eric Novotny
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Red Rosin paper does not have any waterproofing component. If the shingles leak, the paper will perform no function. As long as they don't leak, you will be okay. Remember that asphalt shingles do absorb and release moisture so you may see some red staining.
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