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I am currently building a13x21 garage and am installing a metal roof. I am putting my trusses 4' on cntr and was planning on using 1x4 furring strips to mount the metal on. Is this an ok practice or should I deck the whole roof ? I am mostly concerned about my body weight on the roof while I am installing. Any help/ suggestions are appreciated. Nick
Nate Libbey
With your trusses being 4' apart, I would encourage you to use 2x4's instead of the now planned 1x4's. That being said, whether or not you can install metal roofing on open framing will depend on the type of metal roofing. - The most popular 3' wide panels are commonly installed over open framing. - Some types of standing seam can be installed over open framing. - Most metal shingles must be installed over solid decking. Your best bet is to check with the manufacturer.
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