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The 10' FRP skylight panels in my 33 year old hangar are good for about one more hail storm. The old Granite City Strongpanel that was used is 30" coverage, and 32" wide. The panel ridges are on 10" centers. The new Granite City StrongPanel is on 9" centers, as are the similar Monarch and SunSky 9" FR. Does anyone have any ideas on what to use to replace these panels. I can not even find a corrugated panel that will have a ridge every 10".
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I would suggest contacting this company to see if they can help:
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I also needed to replace some old Granite City Strongpanel fiberglass skylights. I found out that Guardian Distributors handles a replacement that they purchase from Glasteel. You can call Guardian Distributors and find out what retailer that they work with to purchase them. They are selling a 12' white panel.
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