Flat roof on residential occupancy?

Sean Davidson
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We are planning to put a solar PV array on flat(<1:12 pitch) second story roof of an existing residential occupancy. The structure is "stick" (wood) framed. And the roof in question is presently roofed with composition roll roofing which we plan to remove prior to applying new roofing. My question is; would metal roofing be appropriate for this application? Any suggestions beyond a simple "yes" or "no" would also be welcome. Thanx for your time. Sean
Eric Novotny
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Most metal manufacturers will tell you that a 2:12 pitch is more recommended. If the panels are mechanically seamed or welded, they can accommodate a lesser pitch. They do make rigid foam insulation that has a pitch built into it so you can change the angle of your roof.
Guest User
Standing seam low slope applications require a mechanically seamed panel of 2" or greater with sealant applied within the seam. Metal roofs have been installed in slopes of a 1/4"/12" for years in commercial applications. If you go this route, I would recommend total ice and water shield. Also, choosing the right contractor will make or break the job.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This will require a mechanically seamed standing seam ... and I would suggest using something like S5! clips to attach the solar panels.
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