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I have a client that is building a large facility in central america. A typical roofing method there is corrugated with exposed fasteners. We are trying to convince the client that standing seam would be a better choice. While they agree, they are concerned about the cost. My question is does anyone know of metal roofing manufacturers and installers in that region? We are on a tight budget and would prefer not to import from the US due to costs and fees. Mexico may do but the import costs my still be prohibitive from there. Ideally we are looking for manufacturers and installers further south. Any suggestions or leads would be appreciated. Thanks.
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If you can find a company with a metal panel forming machine, the cost may be less this way because the panels are made onsite and shipping a roll of coil stock is easier than panels. Depending on the access and height of the roof in question, there could be fewer or zero seams. The installation is not really any more difficult in a standing seam application.
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