Help! Self adhesive or synthetic underlayment under metal roof

Steve Toohey
I am having a classic rib metal roof installed. I am confused whether I should have the sub use a synthetic underlayment, or a peel and stick. I know the peel and stick will help seal around the screws, and the synthetic will probably be better to prevent moisture/condensation... what is best? Leadville stays cold at night (down to freezing) about 8 months out of the year, and has high UV and sun as well (at 10,00 ft). BTW, I am having all new decking installed, 5/8 in plywood. Thanks, Steve
Guest User
I should have said 10,000 ft!
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Around my parts, Ice/Water is about $10 more per square so you are looking at about a $1,000 upgrade. What is the design of the roof/structure below. The Ice/Water is a nice option and more important if you are worried about moisture diffusion to the roof metal.
Todd Miller
Classic Products, Inc.
As long as you have good ventilation in the attic, as a safeguard, I would use the ice and watershield.
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