poppying noise when roof heats up

Guest User
I had a new black metal roof installed over my old asphalt shingles. most mornings after the sun comes up, there is one or two loud popping noises, which i presume to be the metal heating up in the sun and changing shape. Is this a problem? will it reduce the longevity, or wear of the roof?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
This is relatively expected. Most metal roofs are designed with allowance for expansion and contraction though some noise can still occur. Such noise is normally pretty limited and heard from the outside only. If you have concerns about how well your metal roof is capable of handling expansion and contraction, contact the manufacturer of your roofing.
Guest User
Can you do anything to stop the popping noise? I recently had a new metal roof installed on my rental house by a very good contractor, but I am getting constant complaints about how noisy the roof is. You help would be appreciated.
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