Standing Seam Attachment to the upper end of panel

Guest User
How are standing seam panels generally fastened to the upper end of the roof. The roof in question is 4/12 covering a porch (this is a shed roof design). Is there some sort of clip system? I realize the panels themselves are Zimmerman clips but what holds the panels from sliding?
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
Usually the panels are pinned in place with a screw on their uphill edge that is then covered by the ridge trim.
Guest User
The panels were attached at the upper end with one drywall screw through the tab into the vertical surface of the barn such that the panel screw was in tension, not shear, and that was the only attachment beyond the clips. Wondering if this had anything to do with the failure. Your reply would be appreciated on this. D Knight
David Trefzger
The panels should be "pinned" through the flat of the roof panel under the ridge cap. If they are pinned through a vertical surface, its asking a lot of the screw! Screws typically have a much higher resistance to shear than to pull-out. In any case, a drywall screw is designed to do one thing: hold drywall in place. The use of a drywall screw in any metal roofing application is generally unacceptable.
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