Flashing around a chimney-5v roof panels

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I built a covered porch for a man here in Charlotte. I made the mistake of not subbing out the roof. It is a gable roof and is roofed with 5v galvanized panels per customer's request. There was an existing chimney on the outside of the house on the gable end. I built the porch against this side of the house. To flash, I used galvanized metal flashing. I used a metal brake to put a 90 degree bend in the metal with about a 1/4" lip, That portion was inserted into a groove cut out into the brick at the same pitch as the roof, approx. 6 inches up from the roofing. I then bent approx. 8" out from the Chimney. So the flashing was inserted into the groove, caulked, laid accross the first rib of the panels, screwed into that rib, and caulked all around the edges. The flashing is tight and I can see nowhere where water can be coming in, yet its still leaking. Any thoughts? You can't see the flashing in the pic...everything is treated so it's not causing damage...just want to do it right.
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