c brigidini
I am considering a metal roof and have done some research on this option. I have some questions however regarding how to install metal roofing to avoid problems. Since I need do a complete tear off of the old materials: bottom layer wood shingle on purlins, then two layers of asphalt. What would best practice be for a median priced, mid-Atlantic region metal roof install? I would prefer to avoid exposed screws and definitly want to avoid any moisture/condensation problems at the install. Please advise: would purlins OVER roof sheat be a waste of money or is this a good option for allowing ventilation under the metal roof. What would be your recommendation in this regard? The attic has no overhang thus no soffit vents (I understand that there are now fascia vents one can install, is that a good investment?). Vent at gable end with fan at other gable end. Any additional help would be appreciated, than you.
Eric Novotny
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The over deck venting is built into some of the metal roof systems on the market today. That certainly adds the energy efficiency of the roof system from the venting standpoint and the fact that the roof system is not in continuous contact and therefore conducting the sun's radiant energy into the structure. Purlins may not be necessary is some roof systems and other can go down on a batten system to provide over deck venting. I would not worry about the soffit or eave venting and most metal roof have a hidden fastener type system that helps eliminate the potential for leaks. Are you saying that the current roof has gable end vents and one of them has a fan? Attic ventilation is primarily a moisture control system. If the attic floor (i.e. building envelope) is properly sealed, your un-powered gable end vents are just fine in all likelihood. Send me some pictures or post some up.
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