Standing Seam roof releasing from clips after snow

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We have a standing seam roof installed as 2' wide panels some 28' long. Following our record snow storm of 24" this past winter, during the thawing cycle as the snow melted and re-froze during the night (roof does not have snow guards), I arrived in the morning to find that a section of roof about 25' wide, neatly released from, ie. slid out from underneath, all the attachment clips and slid to the ground. The roof is mounted on SIPS panels. Is this typical? Mounting clips were fastened with two drywall screws each, some pulled out of the SIPS Panels (about 6-8 of them reacted this way), the rest were just left in their installed position and the metal slid out from beneath them. Wondering if this is a function of how we installed the clips (how many screws are necessary for a Zimmerman cllip?) My concern is that if the roofing can release from a 4/12 pitch, (this event happed on the porch section), then what is the fate of the 12/12 upper section of the main part of the roof? Thoughts would be most appreciated. David Knight 410-703-1961
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