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I am interested in remodeling. I have an old brick rancher (? 1960) with a standard shingle type roof. It was replaced in 1995. I would like to replace it with a metal roof. What am I looking at for cost? Also, maybe a foolish question, but does it sound loud when it rains? (I have a metal roof on my barn and it is very loud when it rains). Last question--my house has been struck by lightning twice---Is a metal roof more likely to be hit? Thanks. Sorry for the lack of knowledge conc metal roofs.
Eric Novotny
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Cost depends largely on what the labor for your given market runs. Rough numbers...usually about double the price of a shingle roof. Well worth it in the end. A metal roof will be only minimally louder than a shingle roof if it is installed flush to the roof decking. Metal roofs that are noisy are usually unsupported and have a hollow space behind them (i.e. no plywood). I don't have an answer to the lightning strike question, however, your home will be safer (if properly grounded) with the metal roof.
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