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I have a trailer house and after it has been freezing for awhile and then warms up the roof begins to leak. I believe that this is due to frost build up and then it melts and drips through the ceiling. It can rain all day long and the ceiling remains dry, but when its cold and then warm in drips. How can i prevent this from happening?
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Condensation occurs when there is warm moisture (plenty from your home) that contacts a cold surface (your roof). Similar to a cold glass of ice tea outside in the summer. It drips on the outside with water. Help can come from using vents in the house, bath & kitchen, to keep the moisture lower, a dehumidifier in the home, and a vapor barrier under the home. The best solution is to insulate between the sheeting and your old roof with the vapor barrier to the inside. We have pulled roofs, placed a plywood deck with vapor barrier and then reinstalled the roof. Good luck, but make sure you do something, because the water will do permanent damage.
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Excellent recommendations Apexman. You must control the moisture levels and migration of moisture. Air Sealing and insulation are key along with removing the high moisture content.
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