Doug Hawkins
I have couple questions about the ribs on a standing seam roof. My installer started off not leaving much metal to bend over the ends...and in some no metal. Is there anything that can be used to close these ends up. I assume its for looks is why I want to close them. I have seen some with some kind of epoxy or something like that. I felt of it, and it was hard. And seen some just left open, and others with metal bent. We are getting them to bend the metal or leave more metal at this point, looks better that way. Just not sure what we should do about the ones that are not covered...talking about at the drip edge. Other question was in the valleys they did not attempt to cover ribs at all. I was thinking in the valley, rushing water might go back up into the exposed holes to get roof wet. Is it normal to request them to be sealed, or its not an issue since they are pointing downward. It seems when metal is cut in valleys, nobody bends metal over these exposed holes...but should they have caulk put in them to prevent water getting in them.
Todd Miller
Isaiah Industries, Inc.
I do suggest foam closures or sealing them.
Guest User
Thanks for the reply. Is it something I can buy that is made for that...and where do I buy it. I assume you are suggesting closing all of them, not just drip edge but in valleys.
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