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Hello there, I have just started adding insulation to the attic. I have a low roof and I am going to blow enough insulation so that it will cover the first cardboard and probably the second. My question is how to ensure that this cardboard is not going to bend in the future (sticking foam balls on it?) ? Another question is : Shall I give a space between the two cardboards (which I am going to extend the first one for large run) ? If so, then the insulation will go through.. the reason to add the space is to prevent moisture on baffles themselves.. However, they are waxed.. what do you think ? Please reply asap.
Eric Novotny
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Are you worried about the cardboard bending down or bending up? They make vent chutes that are made from a polystyrene type material that will not really compress and allow for a vent space along the eaves. I usually throw a fiberglass batt along the roof deck seeing as fiberglass allows plenty of air through it.
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