Bill Hueber
We are an architectural/engineering firm working in partnership with a general contractor on a Design-Build project. We are designing a Child Development Center (CDC) at Ft. Carson, Colorado for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The metal roof panel to be used on this project is based on the government's performance specification section 07 41 13. This specification calls for the roof system to have a UL Class A rating. It goes into further detail requiring a standing-seam steel sheet panel (either galvanized or aluminum-zinc coated) of 24 gauge with a 1-3/4" seam and 16" coverage. The drawings currently call out for the roof system to be metal roofing over 30# felt, over an adhered air barrier membrane, over 3/4" plywood, over 5" rigid extruded polystyrene insulation, over 1-1/2" metal deck, over cold-formed steel roof trusses with a 4:12 slope. My question is whether the above described roof assembly will achieve the Class A rating. If not, what rating would it be? What would be required to make it a Class A roof system? Will fire-retardant treated plywood be required? Thank you for your assistance.
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