Metal over aluminum? is this OK?`

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Wind damage required the replacement of our aluminum roof in Dec 2008, which was covered by insurance. The installer hired by the ins. co. was supposed to strip and reinstall the roof with a metal roof. They didn't strip it, nor did they put anything between the layers. When we questioned them about it, they said there was a cedar shake roof underneath the aluminum one so they couldn't strip everything off, and it would be okay. they also botched the installation, and it looks horrible with too many problems to mention here(see pic for 1 eg of the job)and we have condensation in the attic now that wasn't there before. We've since found out that the manufacturer's warranty states that their product can't be installed over aluminum. They also screwed the entire "hidden fastener system" onto the roof, putting hundreds of screwholes in the roof that also void the warranty. We want the roof removed and properly installed per the original contract but insurance is saying they can't make the installer do that despite agreeing that it's a disaster. After 14 months, the manufacturer now says don't worry about it but everyone we talk to says there will be accelerated corrosion on the roof. The manufacturer and installer work have a huge contract together and so we don't trust either one's word at this point. HELP! Should the roof be stripped? Will there likely be problems down the road? Thanks!
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If that picture is any representation of the work product, I would say that the entire roof needs to be stripped. Dissimilar metals will foster a cathodic reaction and there should always be some sort of slip layer between the two. I would hold onto the original installation instructions, get another roofer to photo document the botched installation, present it to you insurance company, and ask for a new roof. If they refuse, you will need to cross that bridge when you get to it.
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