Corregated roof venting of furnace and hot water heater

Roy Williams
We are purchasing amanufactured home with texas room addition. It has a vented corregated metal roof (approx 10 years old). The furnace and hot water heater vents do not penetrate the metal roof. I am told the ventilation fro the gorregation and two end soffits of approximately 2 x 2 feet are sufficient. My concern is carbon monoxide disbersmant. What are your considerations?
Eric Novotny
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Regardless of code, I would always vent through the roof. CO has basically the same density of air and it can infiltrate back into the home. CO is not a substance to be toyed with. If you don't want to vent through the roof, at least make sure you have a professional CO detector and not one of those cheap (and inaccurate) models from Home Depot, etc.
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